Writing letters

With the advent of the Internet sending of traditional paper letters came to second place. This process happed because Internet gives you an opportunity to transmit the information more easy and quickly. But we should not forget that the handwritten letter is a kind description of the person, his handwriting, his character, showing persons lifestyle and tastes.

The letters are divided into: business, friendship, love, letter-answers, greeting letters, sympathy letters. The style and form of writing of each letter should be polite, to certify our personal culture and honor to the addressee.

When you write handwritten letter, you should certainly take clean paper. At the top you should write the date of writing. Next is recourse to the addressee and the content of the letter. When writing you should follow your spelling - it has to be. Fuzzy or illiterate letter show ignorance to the person you write to. Letter shows your intelligence.

Also you should refer to the reasons that caused you to write a letter. If you haven't replied for a long time you should apologize and explain the reason for such a delay.

Don't forget to ask "how are you?" and to interest about the health, life and cases of your addressee. Also write a few words about something in your life that would be interesting for your addressee.

Letter is a mirror of human relationships. This means that letters to senior - parents, teachers, mentors - must be imbued with deep respect, love and gratitude. In any case, familiarity can not be allowed here.

Business letters - are the letters directed to some institutions, organizations, missions, government. They must be specific, concise, most clearly express the essence of the case and the essence of the reasons for writing.

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