Clothing and appearance

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Everyone knows the well-known saying: "Vstrechayut on odezhke and provozhayut to mind." Although this is considered far more important mind, but still wear determines what kind of impression you make on another person. Appearance displays personality, and displays the essence of the inner world of human, with all his habits and inclinations. Culture clothing is not less important than the culture of conduct. In the clothing should be viewed in color, line, invoice and style.

Clothing also predetermined position, style, tastes and physical condition of Rights. The basic rule - clothing should not be dirty, torn or neryashlivoy. This shows the negligence of its owner, disrespect to the people first and foremost to himself.

Clothes should be convenient and does not contradict the generally accepted requirements of decency. A significant factor is the impact on fashion clothes. To a greater or lesser extent stick to it - is being handled by the people.

Clothing for men

Clothing men affects his success in business circles, contributes to an appropriate image. The costume is a businessman should be sufficiently conservative, neyarkogo any color, unicoloured. Gillette and jacket should cover the top of trousers, coat sleeves should cover jacket sleeves. Necktie - is the main indicator of taste and status of men, because he needed to engage in a position to reach a belt buckle, and the width must meet the width latskanov jacket. Pants must descend on the front barely boots, and rear up to heel. Socks should be chosen for the costumes, but their color should be a bit more dark, preferably black, but in any case not white. The color shoes should be identical color belt and strap on the clock. In the formal setting (which includes the room, speak, sit on the podium) should be to button o jacket. It can be undone, sitting on the stool (for example at the table).

Clothes for Women

Women will enjoy greater choice in clothing, their shapes, colors and fabrics. In the women's clothing more than men's, displayed her individual style and personal character. It is important to choose the appropriate atmosphere costume. The beautiful dress with a skirt underlines the credibility of women. The skirt should be dark colors, and costume better. Do not walk taken in luxurious dresses. Haircut, make-up and jewellery should complement business attire. Make-up should not be too noticeable and disturbing, jewelry should be as small as possible, but they have to be expensive and harmony with the costume. perfumes should feel only a short range. And remember: "There is no ugly women, there are women who do not know how to make themselves beautiful."

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