When you are invited to the party you have to be there in time. But people can be late for 15-20 minutes - this is not a violation of the rules of etiquette.

Before sit at the table you should help ladies push a chair.

Owners, that invited guests, often should choose places for the guests. Location of the guests should be based on the similarity of interests: that will give guests the opportunity to engage or support one or another conversational topic. That will make the party interesting.

Owners have to try to find a theme that would be interesting to talk with guests. They, in their turn, try to keep talking. Conversation should be shared so that everyone could participate in it. When parents or older people are talking, a children or younger people should not interrupt them, also it is better in supporting a conversation.

You should not start eating before the owners invite all guests to do that. In the process of eating is not recommended to put your elbows on the table.

Each salad or other food has to be served with a separate spoon or fork, you should not take food with your fork or spoon. Its not good to drag across the table, trying to take some piece - you should ask somebody who sits near the food to help you.

Your fork or spoon has fallen to the floor? That's not a big problem. But if this happened - do not try to climb under the table or somewhere to find it! Also you should not to start complaining, forgiving and attracting the attention of others.

Keep in mind eating from the knife is unacceptable! That is the biggest miss at the meetings or parties.

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