In theatre, museum and restaurant

If you are going to the theatre, the best is classical clothes in calm tones (for men, for example, dark suit), too bright and original clothing is not recommended. Never be late for the performance - you have to come at least 10 minutes before the beginning.

In any case, try not to disturb other people, don't shout and clap your hands loudly. You are not allowed to speak and eat during the play. Be sure that you turned off your mobile phone.

In the museum you should also come in advance. Arriving 10 minutes before closing, running and trying to review all museum exhibits is unacceptable. To better orient in the exhibition, you should buy special guide, which is sold at the entrance to the museum. It's forbidden to talk or shout loudly at the museum, as well as critically evaluate the exhibits in the exhibition. In addition, the exhibits can not be touched by hands, to prevent their damage.

When you are meeting at restaurant, and especially with a woman, then you definitely have to arrive there first. Jacket and hat you should leave in cloakrooms or usually you can take them with you. The restaurant requires an appropriate dress code - it could be classic clothing, but sportswear is unacceptable. The higher rank of the restaurant is, the more cultural you should behave in it. Men should push a chair for lady, and only after that sit itself. Also food and drinks are served first to the lady. At the restaurant you should eat slowly and enjoying the food. Communication also belongs to the basic manners of conduct in a restaurant. After all, people come here to spend time beautifully, listen to music, to eat delicious food or to dance. Leaving the restaurant, you can thank the staff for pleasant service and delicious eating's.

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