Travelling etiquette

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In today's world there are many modes of transport that have been inaccessible to our ancestors, but in general they can be divided into 2 groups: urban and interurban transportation.

Urban transport - is a shuttle bus, trams and trolleybuses. At the entrance and exit of these modes of transport made more people miss years old, the disabled, women and children, as well as help if they need help. Seats in the cabin also in the first place should occupy these groups of people, because if you sit, but noticed, for example, old grandmother, then necessarily need to release his seat and politely suggest it.

Intercity transport - it buses, trains and planes. In the first instance of such modes of transport must be delivered on time or best in advance. By late you create not only inconvenience to passengers, but can and does not catch. Usually in interurban transportation seats painted the entrance, in another case you need to follow the rules of priority as described above. Faster trip will take if a conversation with the fellow, but if they have no desire to talk, it is not nadoedayte them their conversations on the way.

In the plane necessarily have to abide by all safety rules, such as a ban on smoking or the use of mobile phones. Listen to all councils and the crew does not violate etiquette. Try to avoid disturbance of other passengers, because, for example, singing or intolerable scandal. After the flight politely provazhayuschy will thank you for a successful flight crew.

The special category of rules of etiquette on the road are the rules of etiquette at the wheel. Without cars today is difficult to imagine their lives, they are used as a means of movement in the city and in the long journeys outside the city. But imagine what would have been if all these car moved without any rules. Therefore, first of all need to abide by traffic rules. If you want to order on the roads, you should start with yourself. Be sure to give way to cars with spetssignalami, every second of delay could cost someone's life. Help other traffic participants. If you see that someone can not leave the lamps, parking, whether to make another delicate maneuver, the pritormozite, mignite lights and make a hand gesture. You can also pleasing in this situation because if you helped someone then thank his alarm or a hand gesture rewarding.

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