Standards of behaviour in society

Sometimes people gather together. These meetings are caused by something: this could be something personal or family event (birthday, weddings, anniversaries, etc) or public (state and local holidays, celebrations of historic event) and other. Usually all people on these meetings know each other. But sometimes the unknown person comes to the meeting. If so, the home owner or somebody who knows this person have to introduce the stranger to the society. If there is no such person the stranger has to represent himself.

Before you enter the room, usually in the cloakroom, take off your outer clothing and hat. Women can not take off their headdress. Also you should take off your footwear.

What to do when you are too late to the party, which has already started and gathered a lot of people? Then you should find the owners and greet.

The basis of conduct in society, among people that you know and strangers, is to be polite. Intelligent people are always able to maintain a conversation on any topic, and to listen to anyone.

In general living in human society means to see, talk, interact with people every day. And if you adhere to etiquette rules it will give you opportunities for self-expression, self-development. It will give you the way to implement your ideas and plans into live and be successful.

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