What is tolerance?

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Tolerance - the ability to perceive aggression without thought, behavior, expressions and way of life of another person, which differ from their own.

There is tolerance in Western civilization at the religious level. The emergence of this notion is linked with the signing of Edict of Nantes.

First of all, tolerance means a benevolent and tolerant attitude to something. The basis of tolerance is the openness of thought and communication, personal freedom and individual evaluation of human rights and freedoms. Tolerance means a proactive person, not passive tolerance of the surrounding developments, that is a tolerant person should not be tolerant to all, such as human rights violations or manipulation and speculation. The fact that violate the morality should not be taken tolerate.

It is therefore necessary to distinguish tolerant behaviour and slave tolerance, which does not lead to anything good. We need to distinguish between these concepts, because manipulators (including most politicians) are calling for lzhe-tolerance, since people who are loyal to all, easier to manage.

Consequently, the tolerance is fairly thin category, which certainly must adhere to, because it determines the moral, social and democratic development of society.

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