Ethics use mobile communication

- Try to switch off mobile phone if there is a "Please turn off your mobile phone" warning. For example, in airplanes or in medical facilities. Remember to switch your mobile phone in the "silent" mode or use the voice mail service in theaters, museums, exhibitions, cinemas. Make sure your cell phone will not disturb the event by an unexpected loud signal.

- Choose the ring tones which will be pleasant not only for you, but to others. Avoid to put pingtones which can offend or embarrass other people(not pleasant sounds, swearing). Switch loudness to the low level while taking rest with other people, for example at the restaurant or at the cafe. Testing the loudness of phone your ring tone is better to do at home instead of public places

- Try to avoid talking on the phone while driving-it will make your trip more safe. Use "hands free" accessories for mobile communication while driving.

- Remember to switch your mobile phone in the "silent" mode or use the voice mail service at the business meetings if there is no other agreements. While in office, do not forget to take a mobile phone anywhere you go.

- In public places: shopping, transportation, elevators try to speak quietly and briefly not to disturb others with your conversation.

- At the library turn the ringer into the silent mode and if there would be big need to speak on the phone try to talk maximum quietly and briefly so as not to disturb surrounding with your conversation.

- It's not polite to use somebody's phone for your own purposes or give their mobile phone numbers to third parties without permission. When photographing or recording video on your mobile, respect the privacy of others. Ask permission before taking pictures of someone or making video of somebody.

- Tell about cell phone etiquette to your friends

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