Behaviour with parents

The good old tradition of courtesy underlined intelligence and communication in the family, in society and among people.

Previously, girls were less cared about their education because they did not have good chances to get decent work. At some territories these tradition persists until today. But now, because of emancipation, most recent boys, that didn't clearly set some goals in their life, are very quickly discarded by society and replaced by more active girls, which have life position, good manners and right conduct, knowledge and desire to achieve the goal. Modern pace of life leaves no chance for inert people - the future belongs to the courageous and knowledgeable.

The father and mother have to be the highest authority, power and example for their children. Communication with parents does not allow using so-called "youth slang". Use of slang words in any case doesn't make you a "cool guy" in society.

Love is connected with a feeling of respect for human. People have to be always courteous to parents, grateful for them for the things they did for you: for teaching to love life, for advices, for providing an opportunity to learn, get a profession, to be a member of society. With that in mind, children later have to help and support their parents, who with age often need their support and care.

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