Network etiquette

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Total online, do not forget - you are dealing with living people. The rules of good tone for normal and for the virtual world are united. Do not write and do not do nothing, which did not want to hear or see themselves. Learn to prove its position, not humiliating the opponent.

Remember, people with whom you communicate through the keyboard, does not see your emotions, can not hear your voice. Try to present themselves on the ground this man and properly formed their thoughts, in order to avoid incorrect interpretation of your views.

Try to maintain communication ethics at the right level, ignoring the views of those who say "freedom here - who he wants, and then said." Do not believe this. If you happen to visit the complex ethical situation, put themselves at this place in real life and you quickly find the correct decision.

Another important item of network etiquette. If you are not free software - pay for it, your contribution will help develop software market. Violators of laws virtual space, generally, violate them in real life.

Do not forget that you are in the virtual information space and standards of conduct adopted at one site may differ from those of another. For example, if taken in one forum abruptly depart from the main theme of discussion and that's OK, then on another it will be perceived as a bad tone. To avoid unpleasant situations before to join the discussion, I recommend attentively to the rules and order. After that, you can communicate.

The network, if you want to stay incognito, no one knows your age, colour, manner of speaking, family details and other personal belongings. Therefore, your interlocutors in the network will shape opinion about you, only on the basis of manners to express thoughts. Watch for that write and how to write. Do not let spelling errors, because for most people spelling rules play an important role.

Never offend virtual opponents, be patient and polite, do not use profanity and did not start a conflict without any reason. Help people in those matters in which you are competent enough. If you put the question - make it the most intelligent and correct. So you quickly get the right answer. Thanks to your responses and answers other people's increasing knowledge in the network, which is useful to many other people. Do not engage in conflicts and prevent them.

Flame - emotions are expressed text, which are made, not taking into account the views of other participants in the conversation. Flame, degenerating into numerous hard-core messages, which are usually exchanged between several people, banned the network etiquette. Such "outbreak" may overwhelm the entire conversation and drown useful information in the debris, destroying all the positive atmosphere.

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