The rules of business etiquette

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In today's business compliance with the rules of etiquette plays an important role. Their unacceptable breach, as well as in commercial activities not ignore economic indicators and the basic provisions of entrepreneurship. Compliance with the rules of business etiquette displays your professionalism and serious attitude, and that their failure demonstrates that you do not have a better case. Etiquette is one of the components of your business image and experienced business partners and also pay attention to this aspect of your behavior. Consider the basic rules of business etiquette:

The first rule - be punctual

It is very important in business to properly organize and to calculate time. Planning and punctual implementation of all planned Affairs is the key to success. Delay is incorrect about a man who was expecting you. And even the most sincere apologies and assurances that it was impossible to reach a timely manner completely incapable of repair blame, because even at the subconscious level will remain a certain unpleasant sediment, which would mean several adverse treatment relative to you.

The second rule - do not talk to other surplus

Every millionaire has some secrets for success, but none will tell them to you. Do not even talk about matters in their own business, because sometimes even the smallest hint could affect the activities of a competitor.

The third rule - do not be egoistom

You can not successfully conduct business, not counting any thoughts and interests of partners, clients, customers. Often it is selfishness preclude success. It is very important to tolerate his opponent or teammate, learn to listen and to explain their views.

The fourth rule - dress such as chiefs in society

Clothing is a demonstration of your taste and status in society. No need to treat lightly this rule. Appearance is the first aspect, which draws the attention of people and it immediately adjusts it to the related Giant.

The fifth rule - Keep an eye on the purity of speech

All that you say and write, set out to be a beautiful language correctly. The ability to communicate is designed to debate and convince the opponent is very important for the negotiations. Watch for her pronunciation, diction and intonation. Never do not use obscene language and abusive language. But do not forget that the ability to listen to the conversation is no less important aspect of communication.

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